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Echo.....Echo....Echo...Echo .....Bluff.....Bluff....Bluff...Bluff

We recently had the pleasure of visiting one of Missouri's newer state parks, Echo Bluff, for 5 weeknights in our beloved travel trailer.  Echo Bluff, formerly Camp Zoe, is near the town of Eminence where the land is hilly,  the roads are curvy, and the trees are aplenty.

The first part of our week was hot, hot, hot.  Who would have expected it to be 95 degrees on October 1st?  On these days, we did our hiking and walking well before breakfast because by 10 am, it was time for the A/C to come on and the trailer awning to come out.  We spent a couple afternoons playing Scrabble (big surprise!), reading, watching the Cardinals, and having our  meals.

One of the days, we took a day trip to the Eminence area where we visited Round Spring and Alley Spring.  Eminence is about a 35 minute drive from the park.  After we saw the 2 springs, we went to a couple shops in Eminence, had dinner at Martin's Country Cafe, and got gas.   Ha ha.  No, not that kind of gas.  The meal was actually…