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Chambers on a Run

The planets aligned on Thursday morning, January 24th at about 10:30 am.  That was when Dan called me, and said he had a run to Seadrift, Texas.  After hearing the details, I said, "Let me call you back."  After checking the route on Google Maps, I called back with my list of conditions.  I will go with you IF:

#1) You drop me off at Waco on the way to Seadrift,
#2) We spend 3 nights in Waco,
#3) We go to the Silos at Magnolia Farms, and
#4) We take the van tour of Waco offered by the now married, Most Eligible Bachelor, of the same name Fixer Upper episode.

Dan quickly agreed to the list, and I quickly packed and made arrangements for Lisa Bee to cat sit Sammy.  We would make hotel reservations on the way.  Part of the planets aligning meant we could take the Prius, which is way more comfortable than the million mile van.

We got to our hotel, La Quinta Inn & Suites Downtown Baylor, at about 1 am (technically Friday, 1/25).  It was a beautiful hotel, about 6 months old,…