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Chambers on the Boat

Not all of the Chambers' travels will be in our RV.  This adventure was on a cruise ship.

In December 2018, we took a long awaited (23 months to be exact) cruise to Hawaii.  Bargain hunters that we are, we purchased this cruise for a base price of $1250 per person (for a 2 week cruise!)  We also did our research in advance and did not purchase any ship excursions.   A couple weeks before the cruise, we were offered an upgrade to a room with an ocean view for a total of $68.  This was well worth the additional cost.  The ocean view rooms provide a view and have additional space in the cabin.  This was our first cruise without a balcony, and we felt the ocean view room was just right.  With much of the cruise being too cold, we would not have gotten our money's worth with the cost of a balcony room.

My purpose in writing these travel blogs is 1) to capture the memories for us  2) to share our adventures with family and friends who care to read and 3) to offer insight for those w…